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Soil Stabilization – Cement Stabilisation & Lime Modification Presentation

Today we are carrying out a presentation to a group of Civil Engineer’s in Leeds on Soil Stabilisation for a large industrial development. ┬áThe presentation focuses on the entire Soil Stabilisation (Lime Modification and Cement Stabilisation) process, including:

  • What is Lime Modification
  • What is Soil Stabilisation
  • What are the different binders that can be used
  • What are the different soil types that can be processed
  • What are the machines that are used within the process
  • What the cost benefits are
  • What the environmental benefits are
  • The science behind the process
  • The typical reactions that can be expected
  • The strengths that can be achieved compared to traditional construction methods
  • The regulations and guidance on the process
  • Where further information can be found

The presentation also includes a live demonstration of the reaction that takes place when Lime is added to a cohesive soil and out representative will answer questions and provide information on contracts where Soil Stabilisation has been carried out.

For further information or to arrange a presentation then please give us a call on 01254 238700 or send us an email to

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