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Soil Remediation Case Study

After looking around for a good case study on Soil Remediation using Cement Stabilisation / Solidification, I found one here  from United Retek who are an American remediation and civil engineering contractor.

The case study is based on a remediation project in Boston where an office, residential, and retail campus was planned.  Cement Stabilisation / Solidifcation was to remediate the site, which has lead and petroleum contaminated soils.  The case study looks at how much soil was utilised on site after the process, instead of being excavated, disposed of as contaminated material  and new material imported.  Cost benefits and environmental benefits are examined within the case study along with process that was used to treat the material.

Have a look and let us know what you think.

For more information on Cement Stabilisation and how it could be utilised on a site you are working on or looking at then please give us a call on 01254 238 700 or send us an email to

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