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Was having a quick look around some of the web-sites that provide papers and publications on the Soil Stabilization process and found this page on The National Lime Associations web-site which has a list of publications on the subject, including:

Technical Brief : Mixture Design and Testing Procedures for Lime Stabilized Soil

This publication looks at the mix design and testing procedures for lime stabilised soils including what design testing should be undertaken before Soil Stabilization works commence and the necessary tests to carry out whilst on site.

Lime Treated Soils Save Time & Money

This publication looks at the different levels of Soil Stabilisation (using lime to dry soils, Lime Modification of Soils and Soil Stabilization incorporating lime and cement), along with the cost and environmental benefits of each level.

There are other publications on this site which look at Lime Stabilization in pavement design and technical manuals.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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