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The Soil Stabilisation industry lost one of its contractors last week when McArdle Group announced that they had entered administration, leaving a gap on the sites they were working on for other contractors to step in and gain some much sought after work.  With contracts booming and a market place large enough for everyone, we take a look at what projects some of the other Soil Stabilisation Contractors within the industry have taken on board.

One of the main contracts McArdle Stabilisation were working on was the London Gateway project for Aggregate Industries.  Word on the rumour mill (and indeed their very own BLOG) is that this contract has been taken over on a plant hire basis by North West based Soil Stabilisation Contractor Combined Soil Stabilisation.

Another contract is was rumoured that McArdle Stabilisation had been awarded was NET Phase 2 in Nottingham.  Again, according to the rumour mill, part of this work has been given to EnviroTrac (who are a part of Collins Earthworks).

It has been mentioned in the press that a buyer is currently being sought for the McArdle Group and we would like to wish everyone there the best of luck for the future.

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