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With completed contracts finishing and new jobs starting all the time, I thought it would be a good idea to update all of our social media sites yesterday with news, pictures and videos of works taking place.  This will now give you all a chance to not only read about what we do but actually see the work taking place.  The data uploaded included:


  • Soil Improvement and Cement Stabilisation being carried out on site at the Nestle Works, Tutbury (including a video showing what happens when one of the huge Wirtgen Mixers gets stuck)
  • Cement Stabilisation taking place at Birchwood Park, Warrington – the video uploaded shows a close up of the Mixing taking place with water being added at the same time
  • Soil Stabilisation at Ercall Wood College, Telford – the video shows all parts of the Stabilisation  process taking place with all of the machines working together


Loads of pictures uploaded from all of the recently completed sites, including works actually taking place along with before and after shots of the sites so you can actually see the outcome of the process.


Have a look at the videos and pictures and let us know what you think.  For more information on the Soil Stabilisation process then please give us a call on 01254 238 700 or send us an email to


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