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Its been a while since I last wrote anything about Soil Remediation so thought I would have a look around and find some articles to share.  I found quite a few good articles from around the world on how Soil Remediation is being used to clean up and redevelop many sites, including:


Quad-City Botanical Center, Rock Island, Illinois - found the article here from the Quad City Times on how Soil Remediation techniques have been used to develop an area, which had formally housed businesses and factories (including the Illinois Oil Co), to provide apartments and even a Botanical Centre.


Soil Remediation in China - found the article here from Pollution Solutions about how it is expected that officials in China will this year enforce laws regarding Soil Remediation in order to put land to other uses.


Have a read of both articles and let us know what you think, or, if you have found other interesting articles and studies on Soil Remediation then please feel free to share them with us.

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