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Soil Improvement & Modification Techniques

Found a great journal here from ARPN Journal of Earth Sciences titled A Comparative Review Of Soil Modification Methods. The journal examines the importance of maintaining site won soils on site (therefore reducing export to landfill and import of natural resources) and the different methods that can be used to achieve this.  The main method examined in this [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Britpave Guidance

Found another great publication here from Britpave (The British In-situ Concrete Paving Association) named HBM & Stabilisation - The Design and Specification of Residential and Commercial Rad Pavements. Who Britpave Are “Britpave was formed in 1991. It is active in all areas of transport infrastructure including roads, airfields, light and heavy rail, guided bus, safety barriers and drainage [...]

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Soil Remediation using Cement

Found some information here from Lafarge about Soil Remediation and how this can be achieved by adding cement.  The page discusses the different types of Soil Remediation along with the different binder additions that can be used with each technique.  There are also various case studies within the web-site showing how the techniques have successfully been [...]

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Soil Remediation – Re-Using Soil

Found a great article here from HazMat Management Magazine titled “Exploring new alternatives for treating and reusing soil”.  The article looks at the increasing costs of removing and replacing unsuitable soils from a site and what alternative methods can be used to eliminate this.  Have a look and let us know what you think.

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Lime Stabilisation and Soil Improvement

Found another good publication here from Carmeuse on the benefits of using Lime for Soil Improvement.  The publication looks at how lime can be applied and the many benefits of its use including: Soil Modification Soil Stabilization Reduced Plasticity Index Reduced Moisture Absorption Increased Unconfined Compressive Strength Increased CBR Reduced Swell Potential The publication also looks [...]

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Cement Stabilisation Contractor at Work

Soil Stabilisation works will be starting on site on Monday at a school contract in the North West.  We will be carrying out Lime and Cement Stabilisation to provide a piling matt.  Photo’s and video’s will be uploaded as soon as they become available.   You can also view Soil Stabilisation video’s on out YouTube [...]

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Lime & Cement Stabilisation Contractor Journals

Looking through the site I found the Soil Remediation journals and magazines on I also found a section dedicated to Soil Stabilisation here  It features a great selection of information on Soil Stabilisation from a large range of sources including Lime and Cement Stabilisation Contractors and industry experts.  Have a look and let us know [...]

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Soil Remediation Journals

Found a great web-site here which lists a good number of online journals, magazines and articles on Soil Remediation, including: Water Environment Research (WER) Manual of European Environmental Policy Soil & Mulch Producer News Brownfield Briefing MazMat Management Magazine Brownfield Renewal Remediation Solutions – A Guide to Remediation in the UK Journal of Plant Nutrition and [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Manual

Found a good manual here from Griffin Soil which gives provides and in depth look at the various different stages within the Soil Stabilisation process along with some interesting case studies.  The processes looked at include: Soil Modification Soil Stabilisation HBM And are broken down into different stages and considerations including: Determination of Site Conditions Depth, [...]

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Soil Improvement using Lime – Case Study

Just uploaded a new Case Study to our web-site here–centre-park–warrington.html which is on the Lime Modification works we carried out at Centre Park, Warrington.  The Case Study looks at the site and material before works were carried out, how the works were carried out (including quicklime additions) and the site after works were completed.  The case [...]

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