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Soil Remediation – Brownfield Briefing

If you are looking for a good publication on Soil and Land Remediation then Brownfield Briefing is a good place to start.  Brownfield Briefing is a monthly publication which has electronic updated every week. “Brownfield Briefing is designed to bring you the latest news in the area of brownfield development.  There is comprehensive coverage, a mix of [...]

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Stabilisation of Soil using Lime

Found a good paper here about Soil Stabilisation and Soil Improvement using Lime.  The paper looks at the properties of lime along with the chemical reaction that takes place when introduced into unsuitable soils.  The paper then goes on to discuss the construction process in depth using lime to stabilise soils along with the advantages of [...]

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Soil Improvement using Lime and Cement

Good publication here about Soil Improvement using Lime and Cement.  The publication looks at Soil Stabilisation incorporating Lime and Cement and the effects on the existing material.  Along with discussing the application and benefits of the technique, there are charts and graphs detailing and comparing the treatment against typical construction methods.  Have a look and let [...]

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Cement Stabilisation publication

Found a publication here from CCANZ (Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand) about Cement Stabilisation.  The publication gives and introduction to Cement Stabilisation, looking at its typical applications and the benefits of the process.  It then goes on to discuss at the subject in more depth, looking at other binder additions, pavement designs and testing [...]

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Soil Improvement using Soil Stabilisation

Another good publication here from the Swedish Deep Stabilization Research Centre.  The study focuses on the strength of soils following improvement by Soil Stabilisation.  The publication looks at the different types of binder that can be used, the testing regimes that are followed along with the overall benefits of the process.  Have a look and let [...]

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What is Soil Stabilisation

Found a great publication here from the Environment Agency on the use of Soil Stabilisation / Solidification for treating Contaminated Soil.  The publication goes into depth on the subject discussing the benefits, applications, guidance available and the design and compliance requirements.  Have a look and let us know what you think. If you need any further [...]

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Soil Stabilisation around the world

Found another news story here about a road project in Kuwait on which Soil Stabilisation is going to be used, showing that Soil Stabilisation is now becoming a globally recognised altenative technique to traditional construction methods.  This is due to both the cost saving and environmental benefits afforded by this process. For further information on how [...]

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Soil Stabilisation Access Track

Soil Stabilisation works are now finished on an Access Track in Oxford which T R Stabilisation assisted on.  Pictures below show the access track before and after the stabilisation process had been carried out.

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Soil Stabilisation Contractor back to work

After what has been a restful Christmas shutdown, operations recommence on site on Monday with Milton Keynes continuing at full speed and a new contract starting on an access track in Scotland.  News, videos and photos from site will be published on a regular basis so keep checking for updates.

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Soil Stabilisation Equipment Wirtgen

Recognising that Wirtgen are at the forefront of the equipment market when it comes to Soil Stabilisation machinery, here at T R Stabilisation we predominantly use their equipment.  You can have a look here at the machines they provide along with the specifications and different applications of each item.

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