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An interesting case study on the soil stabilisation of agricultural land was the M25 widening at junctions 16-23 and 27-30, the project was completed in 2009 but shows how stabilisation is effectively used in todays construction in the widening of motorways and highways.

The key facts of the project are:

  • Agricultural fields next to the M25 became compounds for the widening of the motorway.
  • Topsoil was removed and collected in bunds.
  • The next step was to cut and fill to shape the falls.
  • The soil was then stabilised in-situ soils with lime and cement to achieve high CBR for the next stage of planings and blacktop.
  • The ground was then reworked using a Wirtgen 2500SK mounted rock drum.
  • Reworking the stabilised soil allowed rainwater to drain naturally away.

Some images of the work carried out are show below:

M25 Widening used soil stabilisationAfter stabilisationremoval of top soil

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